Reduce the steps to edit the text on a web page without so much code. Easy Guide.

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After writing the post on essential shortcuts to use in the web browser, I was left with the thorn of looking for an easier way to edit a web page’s text. I was looking to skip the step of opening the browser console and writing the JavaScript code.

In short…

A fiction about Rexha’s wishes: the beautiful Life has made its own against my Bebe.

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Rexha, do not ever try an escape like yesterday. You put my soul in crisis. You altered my emotions. You changed my plans. You turned me into a complete mess.

I still cannot understand what you communicated to me before your attempt yesterday. I remember a claim of yours about…

Get credits for notion. This is a post that contains no malice.

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If you are one of those people who want to enjoy a little more of Notion’s premium features, in addition to the trial stage; or those people who for some reason need the premium features of Notion but without paying for it because they won’t be using it for a…

A quick but essential guide to how to create a password. Safety must be a priority.

A girl and her pet.
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In this beautiful world of the machine, it is essential to have guaranteed access to all those applications or computer programs that our valuable information has.

Finding the perfect or secure password for our account has become a not so easy task to complete. It is easier to write the…

An introductory guide to converting easy-to-remember words to strong passwords. Using the Python programming language.

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In this post, web applications and programming languages ​​are named. There is no intention to advertise the mentioned platforms.

When you are creating a password, I assume that you are about to create a user account for that platform that you want so much. Investing a lot of time to…

By the way, it is not such restrictive as their guidelines. Hi, Instagram´s Algorithms.

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Anyone who has an account on Instagram has undoubtedly found a post from showing their naked body. It is also highly likely that the person responsible for the publication has suffered censorship in this great social network. Nudity is a complicated topic, and to a certain extent, a subjective issue…

Evaristo Pérez López

I am photography passionate. I write fiction about the interaction between humans, animals, and objects. My impossible love is programming. | IG: eva_perlop

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